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The Bunion Institute Advantage

The Bunion Institute is a subdivision of the prestigious University Foot and Ankle Institute (UFAI) helping Southern California get back on their feet with 6 different bunion treatment options. Through research, news, and outstanding individualized patient care, our expert podiatrists are breaking tradition; educating the public and introducing new treatment methods and surgical procedures to the field. Through their efforts, top athletes such as those from Cirque Du Soleil & ATP World Tour as well as the everyday warrior are getting custom-made treatment plans tailored to their individual needs. From the preventive custom orthotic to the surgical correction of a bunion deformity, our bunion specialists are known world-wide for providing advanced care and successful recoveries.

At Bunion Institute, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of bunionectomies including exceptional outcomes with bunion surgery. Because we perform 6 different bunion procedures, we are able to customize treatment for each patient to ensure the best possible outcome. Our bunion surgeons educate other surgeons in bunion surgery and have helped create some of the most commonly used procedures, screws and plates for bunion surgery.

Advancing Medical Technology

Our reputation is stellar. Our bunion specialists, doctors and surgeons are on editorial boards of multiple medical journals, have published over 200 articles, multiple books and book chapters. Our bunion doctors are either board certified or board eligible and often involved in educating doctors around the world. Our bunion specialists are true experts when it comes to bunions. We understand how difficult surgery can be and work to control pain, control anxiety and make the experience and comfortable as possible. For more information please call toll free 877-677-0011.

Trusted Bunion Surgeons

  • "My experience with getting custom running orthodics was very smooth. I would recommend Dr Baravarian and his office! "

  • "Great appointment. Great communication, explained my particular situation very well, blending medical terms and everyday terms. Staff was very friendly and answered all my questions. "

  • " I received bunion surgery and the results were phenomenal. He is attentive, caring and gentleman. Dr. Baravarian cares about his patients and does everything he can to help them. He is the best in his field and very up to date in new procedures. "